What Brand is Your Therapist??

Shrinks and their current and future patients are all clipping this long dispatch from a newly-minuted therapist who wasn’t good enough to get clients the old-fashioned way so starts investigating marketing techniques. The question of whether shrinks should brand themselves, the slant promoted in the headline, is not very interesting. What is, is the evolving psychology of patients.

Apparently people no longer want to change. They just want fixes. The article discusses the author’s evolution from a traditional therapist to some kind of mind coach who looks for superficial problems that can be solved in one phone session.

Of course, there are always people out there who want everyone else to change while they stay the same, but therapists are supposed to be the ones who help them see the light. They are doctors, not consultants. It is times like this when I bemoan the decline of organized religion. Parishioners had to listen to their priest (because God was on his side). And that priest had a handy script of time-tested wisdom to see people through rough patches. The problem is that priests are not so great for relationship advice. Or maybe they are, I’ve never tried. Maybe priests just have a marketing problem… Ha.

Ah well. Read the article here.


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