What am I up to?

Dear all, this blog has been a little sparse recently but never fear, I have been on the move. A couple of essays are with editors, I’m continuing to meet with literary agents regarding a book. I just published a piece in the WSJ about a lovely architecture firm specializing in Cobble Hill and Brooklyn Heights. 

But the past is prologue my friends. Philanthropy, or as its known today, “social entrepreneurship” has been on my mind the past few months and I am using all my skills to build some new initiatives that I feel are worthwhile and are an appropriate next chapter in my father’s legacy and in my life.

On Thursday I am headlining an invite-only event at JP Morgan about black philanthropy organized by the entrepreneurial BlackGivesBack.com. Later this year Baltimore’s Pratt Library will have me join them as their e-book author of the month for Lonely.

More details soon(ish), I promise. For now, you can follow me on Twitter @clewishalpern for more real-time updates and musings.

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