Sunday* Cooking: Exhaustion Food

Variety was not the spice of my family’s dinner table when I was a young child. But neither was processed food, at least not on the dinner table. Yes, my favorite after-school snack was a big glass of chocolate milk or a slice of baloney. But our family meals were at the table and cooked fresh that day (or in the case of stews, the day before).

When I am very tired I don’t have the time or energy to experiment with legumes or rotate a rack of pork (a forthcoming time-intensive but delicious holiday recipe that I will share later).

But right now I’m exhausted. So, I give you one of the greatest easy recipes that uses a processed ingredient.


Adapted from The I Hate To Cook Cookbook.


Buy 3 lbs. of chuck steak, it’s a cheap, flat fatty cut with the bone in. It’s so down home Whole Foods doesn’t even sell it.

Place it on a piece of tin foil big enough to wrap around the beef.

Sprinkle 1 or 2 packets of Lipton Onion Soup Mix on top.

Close up the beef in a foil envelope (leave room for lots of beef juice, the steak will render some liquid).

Place the foil packet in the oven and cook at 300F for 3 hours.

Eat with rice or boiled potatoes (They cut the delicious salty flavor.)

Serve with a salad, if you’re up for it.


*I know it’s not Sunday. I will be doing a digital detox this weekend so I am posting this early!

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