Big News: All Star Code

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Me presenting first place prize to Lion Music Gaming at All Star Code’s September 28, 2013 Design a Startup in a Day Workshop

What a crazy ride. In November 2012, I started speaking to people about an audacious but simple idea: could someone create a pipeline to the technology sector for talented minority boys?

Fast forward a year and that simple idea has blossomed into a recognized organization that is galvanizing a community. 

Founder is a new role for me. It’s been amazing and I am stunned at the opportunities open to this organization. The role feels like a fit.

Please check out and let me know what you think.


We have a lot of news brewing and a lot of work to do so I apologize this message is so short.

For loyal readers, I have been keeping a journal and I look forward to writing down and publishing sometime soon the amazing twists and turns of this story.

Finally, if you know any parents or teachers of teenage black boys, our workshops vastly expand participants’ understanding and knowledge about tech career. There are prizes for the winning teams, and parents get to watch the demos too. Spread the word about our Nov. 23 Workshop hosted by General Assembly.

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