Sunday Cooking: About Salad

Sigh, salad. ‘It’s so much work!’ That’s what my cousin (she knows who she is) said to me when I shared a new recipe with her. And I agree. Salad, for those of us who would never consider rabbit food a meal on its own, salad does feel like yet another thing to lug over […]

What Brand is Your Therapist??

Shrinks and their current and future patients are all clipping this long dispatch from a newly-minuted therapist who wasn’t good enough to get clients the old-fashioned way so starts investigating marketing techniques. The question of whether shrinks should brand themselves, the slant promoted in the headline, is not very interesting. What is, is the evolving […]

Sunday Reads: Little Bee

Little Bee by Chris Cleave, a British author and journalist whose childhood was at least partially in Cameroon, is one of the most moving, well-crafted novels that I have ever read, period. And it may be the best┬ácontemporary portrait of a poor, black girl that I have ever read. (Caveat: I am happy to hear […]

Sunday Reads: An Introduction

It’s Thanksgiving week and I am grateful for good books. Fiction–good fiction–is the most emotionally-satisfying and intellectually-engaging object that is easily available to most anyone. I come by this realization honestly. For years my reading diet consisted of pop non-fiction of the moment and breezy pageturners that I could finish in 36 hours at the […]

After the Hurricane

Hurricane Sandy swept through New York yesterday, swept across the Eastern seaboard yesterday. The subway is out until who knows when, flooding in every borough, there’s a crane dangling from a luxury high-rise in the middle of midtown, electricity is out in my apartment and throughout downtown… And yet all these disaster-movie-like scenes are being […]