Thank You Google and LinkedIn and Facebook and Yahoo…

Google was very brave to post its diversity numbers last month. The company has started a national, even global, conversation about the shockingly low number of black and latino and female employees among its ranks. Now Facebook and LinkedIn and Yahoo have also confirmed what we all know, that tech is largely white and Asian and male. […]

Big News: All Star Code

What a crazy ride. In November 2012, I started speaking to people about an audacious but simple idea: could someone create a pipeline to the technology sector for talented minority boys? Fast forward a year and that simple idea has blossomed into a recognized organization that is galvanizing a community.  Founder is a new role […]

What am I up to?

Dear all, this blog has been a little sparse recently but never fear, I have been on the move. A couple of essays are with editors, I’m continuing to meet with literary agents regarding a book. I just published a piece in the WSJ about a lovely architecture firm specializing in Cobble Hill and Brooklyn […]

A Q & A with the Creator & Star of ‘In Deb’s Kitchen’

A new year means new experiments! Here is my blog’s very first q&a. Debra Shigley has crafted a totally 21st century educated woman’s career of many hats, many options. She’s a lawyer, a journalist, a speaker, a career coach, a television correspondent, a book author and a magazine editor. She is also my friend and […]

Token Casting Sucks, But It’s a Good Show – Lena Dunham’s GIRLS Season 2 Reviewed

It’s a saying of the art world that a strikingly negative review is as good as a rave. Why? Because it shows the artist is a striking a nerve. So for better or worse, Lena Dunham and Judd Apatow’s HBO comedy GIRLS, which follows four twenty-something white women with artistic aspirations as they bounce and […]

Sunday* Cooking: Exhaustion Food

Variety was not the spice of my family’s dinner table when I was a young child. But neither was processed food, at least not on the dinner table. Yes, my favorite after-school snack was a big glass of chocolate milk or a slice of baloney. But our family meals were at the table and cooked […]