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Christina Lewis is a member of the Board of the Reginald F. Lewis Foundation and Chair of the Class of 2002 Associates Committee for Harvard College, her alma mater. She is also on Hunter College’s Computer Science Advisory Board and is an angel investor and advisor to other entrepreneurs. Prior to founding All Star Code, Christina was an award-winning journalist, including five years as a staff writer for the Wall Street Journal.

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Wow. @iamwesmoore is boosting the #giveblack movement in a major way. If you didn't know Wes is AMAZING. The CEO of Robin Hood he is a veteran, Baltimore native, Dad, all-around great guy and a bestselling author. I… https://www.instagram.com/p/CCT9kMgpQdo/?igshid=1dg1tgv27pwxi

Non-black people: Here is something else you can do.

Black social entrepreneurs get 45% less revenue than white social entrepreneurs per nytimes

Only 23% percent of black charities have more than three months of… https://www.instagram.com/p/CBdgqVcJCQG/?igshid=bmmkb5zc4rmx

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